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Sunday, November 13, 2011

NHF Conference Summary To Follow

I apologize I don't have all of my meeting summaries posted yet.  On Saturday evening, right before the final night event at NHF, we learned that my in-laws house had caught fire.  We were devastated.   (as were they)  Trenton had been staying with them while we attended the conference in Chicago.  My husband and I feel very blessed that they were not home at the time and that nobody was injured.  We didn't arrive back in town until after dark this evening and have not been over to their house.  My in-laws will be living with us for a while.  They will need a new roof, carpet and many other things.  The fire department in Columbia did an amazing job of taking pictures off the walls and saving furniture. They did loose many "things".  They are just things and we are very happy, once again, that nobody was injured.  Tonight I helped my mother-in-law squeeze things into our kitchen that they had dug out from their house this afternoon. They went to bed early and I am hoping they will get some much needed sleep this evening.

I will try my best over the next week to post summaries of all of the sessions that I attended.  This was by far the best NHF Conference that I have attended.  I hope sharing all of the information will motivate everybody as much as it is motivating me!

Please say a prayer for my in-laws tonight!

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