Thursday, July 7, 2011

It passed!

Today was a crazy day. My baby boy woke up with over 100 degree fever and it was raining outside. I ran into work briefly, but came home to be with Trenton. As we sat resting in the basement, I heard my phone ring.

"I have confirmation that your bill passed, " Jay Bryant-Wimp. I was so excited. The Gateway Hemophilia Chapter and The Midwest Hemophilia Assocation have worked for years to get the Standards of Care for People With Bleeding Disorders Passed. This year I feel I gave it my all. Mary (from St. Louis) had given it her all for two years and couldn't make the drive this year due to work. (She still worked on getting the bill passed from home . . don't you worry) I felt like it was on me to get this bill through.

So many friends, family, and people from the Hemophilia Community helped get this bill passed. I had classmates from Warsaw that wrote letters to the Legislators. (These are people that I haven't spoken to in over 10 years!) Many people gave up a day or days of work to come to Jefferson City. Many people brought their families from 100's of miles away to talk to their Legislators.

I am excited that Missouri will now have something "on the books". There are going to be many changes in the coming years and it will help to have this bill.

I'll post more details about the bill soon!


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