Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Insurance Meeting NHF Conference

Sally McCarty; Beth Sufian, JD; David Linney (speakers at this session)

This session was kind of depressing, but invigorating at the same. Depressing because it's hard to think that most of the hemophilia community is still struggling to get coverage. Invigorationg because it fired me up to go talk to my legislators!

Here are a couple things I did learn:

Know the key terms when dealing with insurance. Do you know what COBRA is? What is your "premium"? Will adding your son or daughter raise your office premiums? Does your insurance policy cover what you need?

NHF is starting a new program called Insurance 360. This will deal with insurance reimbursement issues. Currently you can call the HANDI number. 1-800-42HANDI

If you have any legal questions, you can call the number below.
Bleeding Disorders Legal Hotline - call Toll Free 1-800-520-6154- Funded by a Grant from Baxter and Endorsed by the National Hemophilia Foundation

Washington Days will be February 25 and 26. "Join NHF as they meet with your legislators to get support for raising lifetime insurance caps and other key issues."

**My husband just got group insurance for his small business. We found out after the fact that if we add Trenton on, we would not be able to use our wonderful home helath care company ARJ. We would have to get Trenton's factor from the insurance company! Blaa blaa blaa So, it looks like I'll be going back to work soon!

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