Thursday, October 30, 2008

Family Fun Fair

It has been a while now, but I wanted to write about MHA's Family Fun Fair. Every September, the Midwest Hemophilia Association puts on the Family Fun Fair. I have attended almost every year. I would suggest you attend if you have an event like this in your area. The last two years I have gained a wealth of knowledge and been able to network with many other families. The highlight of this year's event for me was an open discussion with athletes. There was a professional baseball player and weightlifter. To hear what they have been able to accomplish was great for me! My in-laws were able to attend the event as well. I think it was good for them to hear that we did not need to keep Trenton in a room full of bubble wrap! I remember going to the HTC right after Trenton was born and them telling us that Trenton should not weightlift competitively. (My husband is very much into weightlifting!) The young man (he was my age) at the conference had been on the Olympic weightlifting team and had traveled all over the world. He also was the kicker for his high school football team. I know most doctors would not sign off on the football, but it was good to see that it could be done. I am excited to watch Trenton grow and to see what activities he will want to get involved in when he is older!

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Anonymous said...

I attend alot of hemophilia events and you are so right- I have found out so much (if not more) from the families themselves then the doctors and "specialists". i love getting together with families who aren't horrified the minute you menttion sticking a needle in your sone arm! I am glad you started this bog..we need more avenues to vent!